Reaching for an energy drink to overcome the mid-afternoon slouch is part of your lifestyle? Consider this: a 16 oz. can of regular energy drink has 52 grams of glucose, around the same level as 11 cookies. Even though energy drinks claim to give a boost to psychological and bodily stimulation all these effects are short-lived.

More concerns are the health-damaging elements found in these types of drinks such as too much doses of caffeine as well as other stimulants that boost your heart speed and blood pressure levels and can cause irritability, anxiety, and also an incapability to sleep. A few of these stimulants persist in your body for quite a while. So if you are getting one mid-afternoon, it may still be in your body at ten o’clock at nighttime.

Change your afternoon energy drink with healthy energy drink alternatives:

Green Drinks and also Smoothies

The dark green veggies such as spinach, parsley and also kale used in green refreshments are a great way to obtain B vitamins which the human body requires for metabolic process to run at its actual peak. If your own metabolism is great, your body has the capacity to produce sufficient energy at a quicker rate. Since the ideal sources of energy are complete foods, higher metabolism along with a diet packed with vitamins and nutrients will get you feeling fueled the whole day.

Green Tea

Green Tea has a smaller amount of caffeine compared to coffee. It also has numerous health benefits (including decreased risk of heart problems and cancers) which makes it a fantastic energy drink choice. There’s also proof that green tea will help improve mental clearness and overall performance, making it an excellent alternative to a mid-day cup of caffeine.

ALSA Energy Drink

You will get 30 percent of the daily dietary fiber intake whenever you drink ALSA Energy Drink. A diet plan high in dietary fiber has a lot of health benefits. It will help prevent heart problems, diabetes, an increase in weight, and some cancer problems. The best energy drinks will certainly contain a higher dose of dietary fiber.

Protein Shakes

Insufficient protein is a very common cause of weariness. A high quality healthy protein shake might help your body attain its nutrition requirement. However, simply combining a protein powder into a smoothie won’t provide you with an energy increase. Protein takes carbohydrates to become an energy we could use. Include fruit, wheat microbes or quinoa to the shake with 10 grams of healthy protein from a powder, yogurt, milk or perhaps soy milk for a far more sustainable energy increase.


Water is the world’s greatest energy drink. All of the metabolic responses that happen in the human body happen in drinking water. As soon as we’re dried out, all those metabolic responses start to decelerate and you begin to feel dull. Dehydration is amongst the main reasons we feel a drop in energy. If you believe drinking water is tedious, spruce it up by adding fresh fruit slices or perhaps some blueberries or strawberries. The fruits provides several carbohydrates and also B vitamins for an additional nutritional punch.

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